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Music Blog: You can read the opinions and random babbling of yours truly, ed the Record Store Geek, viagra  every week in New Times‘ music blog, Up On The Sun, every Thursday.  Check out some of the columns below.

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Buy Stuff: We are still paying cash for CD, DVD, and vinyl collections, as well as entertainment art and memorabilia. You can check out the Used Buying page and contact us if you’ve got something you’d like to sell.  We’re like rock and roll pickers.

Hoodlums buys, sells, trades, and talks CDs, DVDs, and Records

Culture Blog: I’ve also done some opining for Jackalope Ranch, New Times‘ culture blog. The column (and my new persona) is called The Parent Hood and it’s basically my take on pop culture through the eyes of a mildy-rebellious, slightly-unorthodox father of five.

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Hoodnews: Hoodstock Raises Over $6K for Broadmor Elementary

Hoodstock Little Log

I’ll be honest with you, when the PTA chief told me that Broadmor Elementary wanted to hold the 5th Annual Hoodstock Festival, I said, “yes”, I wasn’t sure if we (meaning the parents of Broadmor), could pull it off.

Thanks to an amazing group of parents, and a ton of community support, we more than pulled it off.  We sold more Kid’s Art (painted LPs) than ever – combined with great auctions items, food, entertainment, and prize packages – and we raised almost twice the amount of any single Hoodstock prior.  More than $6K!

To those of your that came out and supported the event, big thanks.  You’re the coolest.

Recent Ramblings of the Record Store Geek

For almost a decade, I’ve been dragging two albums into a playlist called “Two Albums Before Bed” in (my old) computer, which sits in my sons’ bedroom.  Why?  Because since they’ve been seven and five, I’ve been teaching them the importance of the album.  To me, you can’t truly appreciate the art of music without them.  Read the column.

Ten R n’ R Hall of Famers Who Never Topped Their Debut

Watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducstion show, rejoicing that Rush had finally made it, I got to thinking that Heart never topped their first album.  I wondered if they was the only artist about which I could make that statement.  It didn’t take long to figure out they weren’t.  Here’s ten of ‘em.  Read the column.

Will You Still Pay For Music Now That You Don’t Have To?

It’s been almost a year since we closed the store and I joined the ranks of the “regular customer”.  I’ve continued to buy, because I am a collector, but let’s face it… I wouldn’t have to do so.  Between streaming, digital TV, internet radio, and many other methods, the free and legal options are staggering.  Read the column.

Music Study Reveals: Kids Today Are Spoiled Rotten

I do a little “us vs. them” comparison to see if kids today have it better or worse when it comes to music.  I’ll save you the suspense – they have it made in the shade.  But it’s not as close as you’d think.  There’s a lot of things from the past century that were better.  Read the column.

Recent Ramblings of The Parent Hood

Like I mentioned above, it’s not really a parenting column.  If it sounds like your cup of tea, pick a story link below (the title is linked) and check it out.  I appreciate your time.

A One Game Season for the Old Man.

In honor of opening day, I recap a recent wonderful day in which I was able to play an actual game with my sons. After years of coaching, the Old Man finally got to hit!

Parenting Three Words at a Time

Kids have short attention spans. If you want to get through to them, you have to do it quick. Here’s five amazing 3-word philosophies I use to get my point across (hopefully) to my kids.

Breaking My Pledge Not to Say “When I Was a Kid”

When I was young, I told myself I’d never be one of those adults who rambled on about how different things were when I was young. It was well-intended, but now that I’m here I can’t resist.

Discussing Your Rowdy Past with Your Kids and a Punk Legend.

Up in Seattle in 2005, I had a great conversation with John Doe of L.A.’s legendary punk band, X. He gave me some great parenting advice, which I talk about in this

Don’t Be Scared, Kid

I wrote this about a month ago, but every bit of it came into play when discussing the terrible attack in Boston on Monday. It’s all about enjoying the moment, rather than fearing the future.

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