If the sign says MUSIC in the front…

Things are moving along nicely.  The pictures are actually quite a ways behind the actual production at the store.  It looks like we will open September 20th.\n\n\n\nThe new sign pretty much spells out what we think we do best.  We figured it was going to attract our kind of music lovin’ people… which are very often the same people that love movies and art.  Once we get ‘em in the store, pharm seek then we can hook ‘em.  The thing is like a beacon.  I think you can see it from space.\n\n\n\nOooh, new CD bins too.  Yeah, even though they aren’t as big as the albums, we wanted to bring the album art back into view.  That is one of our favorite parts about albums.\n\n\n\nOh yeah, the stage is done.  Once we get our P.A. – we’ll be ready for artists.\n\nStay tuned…


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  1. sari says:

    what? no pictures of the huge pine-sol bucket?

    looks great!

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