Thank God it is finally opening day!

pills viagra sale we can tear down this paper and open for biz!\” src\=\”\” alt\=\”\” width\=\”450\” height\=\”300\” />\n\nsee Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: x-small;\”>Steve takes down the brown paper in the window.  It was good to see the light again.\n\n\nWhew!  We finally opened on Saturday.  What a relief.  Kristian and I (along with Beth, Laura, Joe, Andy, Justin, Wasef, Maria, and a bunch of family and friends) have worked our tails off to make sure we pulled it off by our announced September 20th date.  It took every bit of effort we had, and the relief of actually pulling it off was like a literal wave of emotion (for me anyway, I can’t speak for everyone else).\n\nThursday and Friday night prior to opening, we were the last cars the parking lot… just like a lot of nights since we started our mission in late July.  It wasn’t until I was driving home at about 1:15 AM on Saturday that it truly hit me that we would be ringing up people again in the morning.\n\nAt least I hoped we would.  There’s no doubt that the thought of \”what if nobody shows\” entered my head… in spite of the overwhelming support we’ve felt since we announced the store. Hopefully it is just natural human paranoia, I thought (either that or I have in fact lost my mind).\n\n\n\nLuckily, it was paranoia.  Lots of people showed… starting with legendary Music Junkie Tim Handley at 9:30.  We were holding stuff for him, and he wanted to order a copy of the obscure Frank Marino CD I had used as an example on our Special Order page (complete with a \”hover\” note for Tim).\n\nOver the weekend, we saw tons of friends and Music Junkies.  We bought and sold a bunch of records, CDs, and DVDs (I was so busy that I forgot to take any pictures beyond the pre-opening shots).  People picked up our new t-shirts, and were really encouraging about the store.  It was great.  Thanks to all of you that showed up and made us feel so welcome.\n\nWe’ve got a long way to go to get to full strength. Mainly, we need to learn what our customers want.  But we learn fast, and we try hard, and we know you are going to help us figure it out.  It will be a lot of work, but we don’t mind. We love peddling entertainment.\n\nThere may be some hard work ahead, but I’m ready.  After all, Saturday night was the first true night a sleep I’ve had in about two months… so I am getting my strength back.\n\nCheck out the rest of the pictures.  Better yet, come down and see us.\n\n\n\nA shot from the back of the store before the paper came down.  Opening day about 8:30.\n\n\n\n\nWe’ve got more space, and we filled it with CDs, Records, DVDs, and art for you.\n\n\n\n\nOur expanded DVD section has tons of classic movies, concert videos, and new releases\n

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