Top 10 Lists of 2009/Decade, by Steve the Record Store Geek

I post my Top Ten lists last.  After Joe’s List, look buy after Andy’s, after Becky’s, after the Hall of Famers’.\n\nWhy?  a) Because making my lists takes forever, and as you can see, once I get going… I get going;  2) because I am the webmaster (I love saying that) and \”poster\” of the store lists, so I can push it; and 3) because it gives me a chance to peruse others lists and see if I missed anything.\n\nIf you are reading this, it’s possible you keep an eye on things at Hoodlums, so you may have noticed that I have been doing video recommendations about once a week. I love giving my opinion on great albums.  The process of making out \”best of\” lists is another great way to spread the word about good albums, so I take it seriously.  If it’s on the lists, I really do dig it.\n\nI teased Joe in his list intro.  If Joe were to give me shit (and he does) about my list, he would probably say that I am predictable and safe, which is true.   I tend to gravitate towards groove and melody, regardless of genre… and I shy away from things that get to electronic (only actual drummers, please) or \”scronky\” (love \”Kind of Blue\”; don’t get \”Bitches Brew\”… although I’ve tried).  There would also be some sort of comment about my excessive love of vintage music.\n\nMy ultimate goal is to introduce people to good music.  Sure, I am a shopkeeper, and my favorite scenario would be for you to buy one of our recommendations at Hoodlums (or the indie record store nearest you) or on our digital store, but I assure you that I would still take a good bit of pleasure in thinking that your interested was piqued as a result of my list (or those of my comrades)… regardless of your method of acquisition.\n\nAnyway, my Top Ten lists deal with 2009 and the Decade… with both new and vintage discoveries.  They are in no particular order.  I tried to avoid stuff I had used for my High Fidelity lists from Fall 2008.\n\nTop Picks of 2009\n\n\nTen 2009 records that I really think will last for me\n\nBlack Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears\nMonsters of Folk\nDavid Bazan\nTom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Live)\nGod Help the Girl\nPete Yorn/Scarlett Johannson\nBlack Crowes\nDevendra Banhart\nMike Farris and the Roseland Rhythm Revue\nEdward Sharpe and the Magnetics\n\nTen 2009 records I liked in the store, but haven’t listened to at home\n\nBuilt to Spill\nSilversun Pickups\nPhoenix\nNeko Case\nBruce Springsteen\nDecemberists\nM. Ward\nPearl Jam\nBon Iver\nDark Was the Night\n\nTen 2009 records I’m going to keep working on in 2010\n\nTodd Snider\nXX\nTegan and Sara\nDave Alvin and Guilty Women\nLucero\nWilco\nAvett Brothers\nAndrew Bird\nPhish\nDinosaur Jr.\n\nFive 2009 critically-acclaimed records I’ll probably never listen to again\n\nAnimal Collective\nGrizzly Bear\nDead Weather\nU2 (Boner and the boys lost me ages ago)\nBob Dylan (ditto with new Bob… it doesn’t do much for me)\n\nTen Movies/TV Shows I Enjoyed in 2009\n\nStar Trek\nInglorious Basterds\nUp\nThe Hangover\nReal Time with Bill Maher\nArrested Development – Season 3\nFrank Zappa – Making of Apostrophe\nCurb Your Enthusiasm – Seinfeld Season\n30 Rock – Season 3\nNFL Football\n\nTen Things I’d like To see from the Entertainment Industry in 2010\n\nThe end of label/studio financed loss-leading for corporate retail (devaluing music since 1995).\nThe end of all things \”exclusive\” (the most confusing word in music retail).\nThe end of all CD list prices over $13 (even $13 is too high, but we’d take it).\nThe end of all DVD list prices over $20 (Blu Ray is ridiculous as well).\nReasonable list prices on new jazz & blues (so we can play and sell them).\nA fantastic 800 – 1000 capacity venue for music in Tempe (w/no shoe removal necessary).\nMore Music Performance DVDs from the 60s and 70s (w/the essential lineups).\nThe end of Reality TV forever (although I literally watch none).\nAn instant stop to the escalation of New LP/Vinyl pricing (only labels can kill off a great trend).\nA dynamic, diverse, cool radio FM station in the Valley (most people listen to many genres).\n\nTop Picks of The Decade\n\nTwenty of My Favorite Albums Released During the Decade\n\nMichael Franti and Sprearhead – Everyone Deserves Music\nPete Yorn – Music for the Morning After\nWilco – Sky Blue Sky\nMy Morning Jacket – Z\nShins – Chutes Too Narrow\nJohn Legend – Get Lifted\nIndia.Arie – Acoustic Soul\nSpoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga\nVillage Green – Feeling the Fall\nRyan Adams – Gold\nBudos Band – II\nBelle and Sebastian – Life Pursuit\nBreakestra – Hit the Floor\nDrive By Truckers – Blessing and a Curse\nJames Hunter – People Gonna Talk\nAlison Krauss and Union Station – New Favorite\nRoy Hargrove – Earfood\nMinus the Bear – Menos El Oso\nPeter Bjorn and John – Writer’s Block\nJosh Rouse – 1972\nBob Schneider – The Californian\n\nTwenty of My Favorites Movies Released During the Decade\n\nUp\nIncredibles\nFinding Nemo\nLord of the Rings trilogy\nStar Trek\nLucky Number Slevin\nBatman Begins\nStar Wars 3: Revenge of Sith (that’s right, I like both trilogies)\n40 Year Old Virgin\nSin City\nBoondock Saints\nThe Hangover\nOld School\nThe Departed\nAlmost Famous\nWall-E\nGarden State\nOpen Range\nJuno\nThank You For Smoking\n\nIn case my occupation wasn’t enough evidence that I’m an overgrown teenager… my movie list should leave no doubt.\n\n\nSeven favorite \”non\” movie films from the Decade\n\nWhat the Bleep Do We Know?\nLed Zeppelin (2 DVD set)\n30 Rock\nCurb Your Enthusiasm\nReligulous\nLadies and Gentleman…The Rolling Stones.\nMidnight Special videos on YouTube\n\nThe Vintage Stuff of 2009\n\n10 vintage rock records I’ve discovered and played heavily this year\n\nSavoy Brown – Raw Sienna\nJames Gang – Yer Album\nDave Mason – Alone Together\nWishbone Ash – Argus\nGuess Who – Canned Wheat\nKinks – Lola vs. Powerman\nBonnie Raitt – Give It Up\nTim Buckley – Greetings from L.A.\nRory Gallagher – Calling Card\nSteven Stills – Manassas\n\n10 Vintage Jazz and Blues albums I’ve discovered and played heavily this year\n\nHowlin’ Wolf – Backdoor Man\nPaul Desmond – Take Ten\nAstrud Gilberto – Astrud Gilberto album\nPaul Butterfield Blues Band – Adventures of Pigboy Crabshaw\nRising Sons (w/Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder)\nJohn Mayall – Crusade (w/Mick Taylor)\nLamberts, Hendricks, and Ross – Everybody’s Boppin’\nCal Tjader – Primo\nBaby Face Willette – Stop and Listen\nCaptain Beefheart – Safe as Milk\n\n10 Vintage Records my fellow record store geeks harass me for… that I still play frequently at home\n\nHead East – Flat as a Pancake\nBob Seger – Night Moves\nEagles – Desperado\nREO Speedwagon – Live: You Get What You Play For\nApril Wine – First Glance\nAtlanta Rhythm Section – Champagne Jam\nZZ Top – Deguello\nLynyrd Skynyrd – Second Helping\nJourney – Infinity\nELO – Greatest Hits\n\nNote: This list is endless, as I still love many of the \”critical dogs\” I loved growing up.\n\n10 Vintage Records I could sell you by playing them\n\nBebel Gilberto – Tanto Tempo\nRory Gallagher – Rory Gallagher\nTaj Mahal – Taj Mahal\nShuggie Otis – Shuggie’s Blues\nStanley Turrentine – Rough and Tumble\nNina Simone – Sings the Blues\nSteely Dan – Countdown to Ecstacy\nKashmere Stage Band\nTraffic – John Barleycorn Must Die\nDusty Springfield – Dusty in Memphis\n\n10 Vintage Albums I would never part with…\n\nRolling Stones – Sticky Fingers\nCars – Cars\nDave Brubeck – Time Out\nGil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson – It’s Your World\nPaul Butterfield Blues Band – S/T\nBeatles – Revolver\nWidespread Panic – Everyday\nVarious Artists – The Roots of Acid Jazz\nFrank Zappa – Apostrophe/Overnight Sensation\nElvis Costello – Armed Forces\n\nTen CDs I’m going to buy from the new batch of 6.99 classics we just ordered*\n\nJourney – Journey (pre Steve Perry)\nDr. Seuss – Fox in Socks (to see if they read it faster than me)\nIdrid Muhammad – Power of Soul\nStaple Singers – Freedom Highway\nDelaney and Bonnie – D&B Together\nSpirit – The Family That Plays Together\nDave Brubeck – Jazz Goes to College\nHarry Nilsson – Nilsson Sings Newman\nPaul Desmond – Desmond Blue\nAllman Brothers – An Evening With, 1st Set\n\n* That means you can come in and listen to them whenever you want!\n\nHoodlums Music Junkies (Customers) Top Picks of 2009\n\nHoodlums Staff Picks of 2008\n\nHoodlums \”High Fidelity\” Top Fives (Fall 2008)

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  1. Gary Gheen says:

    Hey Steve hope you remember me. The guy with the bald crome who used to come in quite a bit. I noticed on your played heavily this year you had Manassas. Im the guy who asked you to order it for me and you also got one for yourself. I’m glad you like it and I also listen a lot to the other Steven Stills you recommended I get also. Thanks for the tip and keep on rocking.
    Gary Gheen

  2. Steve Wiley says:

    Of course I remember you, Gary. I didn’t remember the Manassas connection, but I sure do appreciate it. That album is wonderful. Hopefully your “used to come in” statement has to do with you relocating, etc. rather than some other reason. Either way, we hope you are doing well. Take care. Steve

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