Hoodstage Happiness, Jazz Style

shop malady 0,40,0\”>\n\nDoing a Hoodlums’ Event is sort of like throwing a party.  You do the best you can to put together cool music, film, or art – something to give people a reason to visit – and then you hope people will show up.\n\nIt’s a mildly nerve-racking thing to do… trying to get people out of the house.  More so because I can empathize with our customers.  I work hard all day, and sometimes at the end of the day all I want to do is burrow in with my wife and kids and hang out.  Our humble abode is full of things I like, and I am snug as a bug there.  When it comes to going out, either shopping or partying or whatever, it’s easy to scrap it.\n\nBut I also know that getting off the couch and coming out of my cave usually results in a good time, and  Kristian and I both feel that a record store needs to be more than just a record store in order to move through the next decade… so we persevere and host parties, er, events.\n\nLast Friday night wasn’t any different.  I worked all day, and was feeling content as hell at 5:30 PM when I got home.  I didn’t have to go back to the store, we have competent hoodlums running the Friday night shift, and they could handle it for sure.  But I knew we had two jazz bands playing, and I love jazz.  Plus, the Hoodstage has been a pleasant surprise for me, exposing me to a number of bands I wouldn’t have seen otherwise (like I said, I have a lovely wife and I can get drunk at home if I so desire, so the lure of late-night bar-hanging isn’t as strong), so I am beginning to look forward to our monthly event.\n\nI wasn’t disappointed on Friday night.\n\nHoly jazz guys in Tempe, Batman.  These two bands, The Latest and the Bad Cactus Brass Band, were really great to see.  Totally entertaining.  I’m not sure there are bars in Tempe where bands like this play… but if so I might have to start drinking out again.\n\nAnd… like almost all of our other events, you rascals showed up and supported the show.  We had a great crowd in and out throughout the evening, and everyone seemed to enjoy the sounds.  In closing their set, the BCBB played \”The Saints Go Marching In\” all the way outside the store, so the diners at Mac’s (who finally put up a website and Facebook page… woo hoo) , and the rest of our Tempe Square customers all got a dose of jazz.\n\nWant a dose yourself?  Luckily, Becky brought her super cam and posted some video on our Facebook page (You might have noticed two embedded right here… these are HD.  If you want to view the vids in regular quality, go to the FB page).\n\n\n\nLike it?  We’ve got more on the Facebook page.  Stay tuned to hoodlumsmusic.com for updates on our upcoming events.

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