Kristian’s Top Ten of 2011

What do you know?  Kristian has submitted his Top Ten the earliest of all the hoodlums at Hoodlums!\n\nHe won’t add a bunch of rambling like I do, ask prostate but he’s as serious about his Top 10 as anyone, purchase capsule especially because 2011 had so much great music.  The only thing he included beyond the list was the note that it was listed alphabetically.\n\nRYAN ADAMS – ASHES & FIRE\n\nDECEMBERISTS – KING IS DEAD\n\nGOAT RODEO SESSION – THILE/MEYER/MA/DUNCAN\n\nJASON ISBELL – HERE WE REST\n\nSARAH JAROSZ – FOLLOW ME DOWN\n\nLOW ANTHEM – SMART FLESH\n\nNOAM PIKELNEY – BEAT THE DEVIL & CARRY A RAIL\n\nCHRIS THILE & MICHAEL DAVES – SLEEP W/ ONE EYE OPEN\n\nABIGAIL WASHBURN – CITY OF REFUGE\n\nGILLAIN WELCH/DAVID RAWLINGS – HARROW & HARVEST\n\nStay tuned for more Hoodlums lists soon.  Happy Holidays

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